enjoy the following benefits:

The FAN Newsletter
published four times a year: Sept., Jan., Mar. and June, sent to all members electronically. It includes
as much information as possible about fiber-related activities throughout the area (exhibits, workshops, lectures, museum shows and programs, competitions, guild activities, etc.).
FAN sponsors biennial juried exhibitions of fiber arts.  Exhibits are planned for geographically diverse sites around Michigan.
FAN runs an email listserv to facilitate information sharing among FAN members.
FAN hosts an annual networking event.   This event provides a forum for our members to get together and exchange information and encouragement.
A Member Gallery
We offer all our members an opportunity to highlight their works. Visit the gallery


Download FAN membership application here


Mail it to:

Marla Smith, Membership Chair,
541 Lakeview, Ann Arbor, MI 48103